© words and music by j. r. church and garnett betts

Thin grey line of a day

Time to make your mind up

But will November let you go – so easily

Separate lives and separate days

Grains that spill and days are made of

Holding you forever in November grey

Spin your time make your way

Thought that you had time enough

How did you let it go – so easily

Distant sighs and distant ways

Eyes that spill and greys are made of


So cry across the universe

We’re all just hearts that walk the earth

Could love be so perverse

To light a window in your room

That like a fool you closed in vain

And you can’t open up again

But what was done must now begin

Everything can change


What was so hard to deny

And what was so close

Is far away now

Like the stars burning under your skin

Feeling this way

Why can’t the distance

Just fall away?

So speak your mind, it’s o.k.

If you still love enough

November could set us free – so easily

Truth up close is hard to see

But with the universe across the street

Everything can change

Chorus: repeat