©  words and music by j. r. church & garnett betts

Must have stayed long as she could

In her waiting window booth

‘Till I saw her walkin’ by the window

Starting to rain

But the letter she’d been holding

Still held that window booth

With a ticket back to Baltimore

There on the floor

I tried to catch her

Couldn’t help but read the note

A world all on a page

With every word he wrote

This was a window into hope

What courage does it take

To take a chance again?

What courage does it take

Not to make the same mistake?

I tried to catch her – down the street

Won’t soon forget the words I read

See this is what he said:

“I know you haven’t had it easy

Life gets scattered to the wind

But at thirty seven the world has time enough

To give us both a chance again.

So meet me at the Starline

The booth we called our own

And I promise I won’t be late this time

Thanks for coming home

I’ll be waiting for you right here

Where all the years have gone.”

But I, Oh I, though I tried

I couldn’t catch her

Had he pledged again and lost his nerve?

Was he only strong enough in word?

So I tracked her number down

And when she called me back she said,

“Meet me at the Starline, a window booth at two

And put my ticket on the table

That way I will know it’s you.

And thanks again for calling,

Can’t be getting home too soon

But I, oh I, see I called cause I,

I couldn’t catch her

So here I am a little early

In a waiting window booth

Where all the years have gone before

Could years to come, come walking through that door?

All ‘cause I, oh I, ‘Cause I‘Cause I couldn’t catch her